Friday, September 29, 2023
Choose Wisely

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Choose Wisely

With so many medical cannabis options in Maine, it is important that patients ”choose Wisely.” ;-) 

Quietly tucked away off U.S. Route 109 in Sanford, in a corner of a modest warehouse, is the Wisely Hash Factory, the home to Wisely Cannabis and Wisely Hash. 

Founded in 2015, as a patient-centered, concentrate and flower-focused company, the company set out to transform and shift the paradigm of how people medicate and has since become one of Maine’s top flower and hash producers. Driven by the belief that patients benefit from chemical free, clean, full spectrum cannabis products, Wisely creates single source hash rosin, high-end boutique flowers and solventless cannabis oil for patients, cannabis-infused product makers, and manufacturers. 

The principles of “Patients first, high quality, cleanliness, and community” form the essential pillars of business that are perpetually kept in mind after five years of making affordable medicine in the Pine Tree State. Specializing in individual care and programs for each patient, the staff meticulously inspects each product to ensure the highest quality product is available to patients. Focusing on improving the overall image of the cannabis industry, Wisely facilitates thousands of dollars in donations to Sanford area nonprofit organizations that help the community.


The company features three different categories of cannabis products: Smoke, Melt and Indulge. 

Constantly on the hunt for new genetics to alleviate an array of ailments, Wisely smoke products are consumed by smoking or vaporizing which includes hand trimmed, choice flowers and pre-rolls made using only top quality flowers. 
This encompasses all of the hash rosin and full-melt products available to the company’s patients. From single-source live rosin and sift rosin to full-melt bubble made using only: water, ice, heat and pressure, the brand aims to push forward the solventless revolution. Wisely intentionally rejects the, “if you know, you know,” mentality, preferring a, “if you don’t know, we’ll teach you” approach that helps introduce patients to all of the benefits of using solventless concentrates without the intimidation and fear of asking questions.
With the growing trend in the edible consumption of cannabis, Wisely provides solventless, chemical-free, full spectrum cannabis by oil to some of the state’s top edible manufacturers (Pot & Pan Kitchen and Le Kine Kitchen) to be used in product infusion such as gummies, chocolate bars, drinks and more. Using the solventless and full spectrum oil gives the patient the ability to enjoy great tasting, high quality edibles that induce a specific effect (such as uplifted or sedated) and result for the patients depending on their needs. 


Take a trip to the factory office located right behind Walmart at 81 Industrial Avenue in South Sanford, but their products can also be found in select retailers around the state of Maine. Wisely is currently accepting new patients, both in-state and out of state (medical card and proper identification required). Be on the lookout for stores to open around Southern Maine in 2020!

Be sure to check them out at or on instagram as @wiselyhash